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We’ve spent decades helping companies understand and then activate groups of passionate people. 

We organize, we engage, we drive people to action.


Get specific.

Using proven online methodologies, we build custom qualitative communities around your very specific criteria.  Want to talk to core gamers, or mobile players? Players of a specific game, with a set number of hours invested? We go get them, invite them, and engage them while you watch – then present the results so you can take action.

Get big.

Quantitative survey research is great for pulling large numbers of responses for high-level analysis.  Using our tested recruiting methods, we can gather respondents of any kind, whether you want to talk to core gamers, casual players, or anything in between.  And we’ll give you insightful results with a clearly defined path to success.


Backed by data and analysis, we build programs to bring your games and ideas to life.

We’re strategic partners, helping you understand, connect with, and use influential voices and organizations to charge your most passionate fans.

We sharpen views, we set opinions, we inspire people to engage.

  • Regulatory and public affairs
  • Social media
  • Influencer
  • Strategy and message
  • Digital marketing
  • Content and storytelling
  • Community engagement

Bridge the Gap.

As games continue to grow in the public consciousness, NP can spread their impact.  Our unique experience in politics and media has made us experts in connecting public sentiment with entertainment and media, especially around socially relevant issues.  

Educational Benefits

Showcase the intersection between your history-focused game and education

Social Impact

Highlight the positive social impacts of your multiplayer title

STEM Inspiration

Connect your space-flight sim with public messaging around space exploration

State of Play.

As part of a first-of-its-kind study of gamers, NP asked video game players a series of questions about their identity with, and participation in, various aspects of video games and video game culture.

of those who play 30+ minutes a week self-identify as “Gamers"

Consider themselves "gamers" by age group


Get In Touch.

We have decades of experience working with gaming and entertainment clients — along with all sorts of other companies — to help drive people to action.  We’d love to talk.  

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